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Nominate Jemaine Clement for 12th Doctor!

Writer's Block: Home Remedies
When you get sick or have a cold, what's your favorite remedy to make you feel better?
Whenever I even start to get a tickle in my throat, I grab a pack of Fisherman's Friend cough drops. They taste like a foot, and smell twice as bad, but they're amazing! Also Orange Spice tea with lemon, copious amounts of Nyquil, and lots of spicy foods. None of it actually works mind you, they're all just things that I like, that I can only seem to justify purchasing when I'm sick...

Writer's Block: Top of the Charts
What's the most-played song in your music library?
Hip-hop-a-potamus vs. Rhymenocerous by Flight of the Conchords! DUH!

Writer's Block: Thanks to Technology…
What are some things you can do today because of technology that you couldn't do five years ago?
5 years ago there were NO iphones, it was a simple time, one of childlike innocence, apple pies, and a whole demographic of folks I had yet to make sarcastic jokes about. Thank god for the iphone I say, thank god we can take pictures of ourselves in line at the movies, the club, or six flags, upload them to facebook, tag them, AND comment BEFORE we've even reacherd the front of the line! Thank god I can listen to people watching things on youtube at the table next to me when I am having dinner with my best friend. It has bred a whole new type of know-it-all, the type that doesn't actually know much of anything at all, but googles every word that comes out of anyone's mouth just to double check the legitimacy of the statement. Why? Because they can. Now, I like the internet, here I am afterall, and I probably couldn't last 24 hours without my cell phone, but I'd like to think I am a pretty simple person. I just don't see the point of subscribing to the idea that you have to keep upgrading every few months just to keep up with the news according to TMZ and updating my facebook on the toilet...

I'm grumpy, I think I need to take a nap... But I won't because I have an unnatural aversion to napping in general... that and ranch dressing. *sigh*

Writer's Block: Decision Time
When you need to make a difficult decision, what kind of resources do you consult for guidance?
My best friends mother is a clairvoyant from Australia, so she is pretty much my go-to gal when I have questions. I have gotten a lot of amazing advice, and, I hesitate to use the word "predictions" here, but I guess thats what you would call them. There are even times that I will admit, when I actually go out of my way to avoid her when I think I am doing something that may not be in my best interest, or, I don't know, SANE. Just because I know she won't sugar coat it for me. She actually developed her own Tarot board and deck, which is pretty awesome, and I use mine all the time. I also have a jade pendulum that i will take out in a pinch... wow, I sound like a total new-age freakazoid now don't I?

Oh well, what can ya do when your magic 8-ball is busted?

Writer's Block: Going Without
Have you ever fasted or done a cleanse?
OHHHHHH GAAAAAAAHHHHHHD! My sister and I did one once, we went on a colon cleanse raw food diet for two weeks. We basically couldn't leave the house, for obvious reasons, but also, it made us kikda stinky... It was pretty horrible, I mean the food wasn't bad or anything, and neither were the cleansers, but, all we did was sit around and make lists of the food we wished we were eating at any given moment.

*Chomping on walnuts and mushrooms*
Me: "Homemade biscuits and gravy."

*Holding nose and gulping a glass of barley juice*
My sister: "French fries dipped in a Wendy's Frosty."

Me: "Buffalo chicken pizza and cheesecake frozen yogurt..."

My sister: "Sesame chicken and fried rice..."

*Glares at sister*

Me: "I hate your guts..."

My sister: "You smell like a foot."

*Throws shoe and hits target*

So for the last two years of my life, I have been working at a small independently run art studio in the suburbs of Dallas Texas. I taught a homeschool program that I designed and executed myself to some of the most incredible kids I have ever met. I also taught after school art lessons to kids from ages 3 to 17, and even an adult class on wednesday nights.

They were up to this point, the two greatest most fulfilling years of my life. I never knew the kind of artistic freedom, and respect for individuality in any other arena of my many different careers. Even as a hairdresser in gay-town, never did I feel more at home and more myself... Never was I happier or healthier, menatally or physically.

I had already made my decision to leave a few weeks ago, to follow my heart and move to Canada with my beloved Sm_ooch. This week was supposed to be my last week of teaching, a time for me to say my goodbyes, and tie up loose ends. Well, the universe clearly had other plans. I got the news on Saturday that a few days after I leave, the studio will be closing its doors for good. I was in shock. In the ten years this place has been operating, never have they seen the profits, or class retention, or unbelieveable artowrk form the kids, as they have since I have been on board. I couldn't wrap my brain around it, I felt like it was my fault, like I was pulling the plug, like I was literally taking paint brushes out of the hands of these amazing kids.

They told me that my last week was being cut short, and that they wouldn't need me for classes this week, I ofcourse showed up anyway, I had to say goodbye to my kids, I couldn't just disapear on them, it wouldn't be fair. I didn't get paid, but I showed up, and brought them treats and little things that made me think of them. It was very very emotional, I was the last one to leave, and ended up having to go back in today to drop off my key, only to find not one of my fellow co-workers had stayed to see me off. It hurt. To have poured my heart and soul into something for that long, to put so much of myself into it, and to be dismissed so unceremoniously was heart breaking to say the least.

Today was the last day of the last summer camp that will ever be held in that space, only one student had stayed behind to say his farewells to me. I met him two years ago in a Dinosaur themed summer camp, his name is Ethan, and he is autistic. Ethan stole my heart two years ago, and he never gave it back... I will miss him most of all. There are sometimes small moment that you steal with autism, moments where, you know you've reached them, moments where you know they feel how much you care about them and love them. The spectrum is ofcourse very diverse, and there are many different forms and experiences. But the time I spent with Ethan, was and always will be, one of the proudest and emotionally fulfilling times of my life. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, to tell his father that we were closing our doors, that Ethan would no longer have this outlet, this one place where he was able to open up and shine. We both started to cry, and Ethan handed me a drawing he had done of a Transformer, he said he did it just for me, and gave me a great big hug that nearly knocked me off of my feet.

After they left, I stayed for about an hour and did one final mural on the walls I had been decorationg during my tenure there, it was a self portrait, and I know it won't be there forever, because someone else will buy the place, and paint the walls white... but it was somewhat symbolic for me, because I know I am leaving a very big part of myself behind there, my heart.

Good bye Art-A-Rama, goodbye Manga class, goodbye Abdo's, and Schaffers, good bye Kaelyn and Aubrie, good bye Ethan and Marcus, good bye to tie dye on wednesdays, and ice pops after heated games of tether ball. Good bye to dance parties after lunch, and pizza on fridays, saturday morning clay classes and coffee breaks with friends... It is breaking my heart to see it all go, but I would not have changed a single moment in order to not feel this pain right now. I am truly thankful for the time I had there, and the lives I touched, and the ones that touched mine, they have all meant the world to me, and I will cherish those memories forever.

Writer's Block
So I have been posting to my journal lately, which I never did for like the year I have been on here... I have been responding to the writer's block prompts to try and get into writing a little bit more.

I really want to start writing slash, because I DO have good ideas, and a really dirty mouth, which I think can be quite useful in that particualr arena... I guess I just want to get cozy with writing first. I usually only post fan art, and haven't even been doing that lately since I got seriously discouraged by lack of enthusiasm for my stuff... Even though there are so few artists in the community I generally post to, I felt unnoticed/possibly disliked... To each their own I suppose. I don't want to let that keep me from being dirty and creative though, so here I am, every day almost now, trying to get acquainted with posting and getting feedback.

I still havent gotten to the point of actually writing fiction, I feel like I have the same problem in art as well. I tend to draw in a more realistic style, using references, instead of doing cartoons from my head. I used to say I had no imagination, when I was a kid, I was never able to play make-believe with other kids. I just didn't get it... hmmm, thats kinda sad, LOL! I never had an imaginary friend either, but no shortage of real ones.

I'm good with outlines, and dialog to a degree, but narration is where I tend to crap out, if anyone has any suggestions to get my brain workin, I'd love to hear them!

Writer's Block: Let’s Get Physical
What are your fitness goals? What is helping or preventing you from accomplishing them?
I recently lost 100 pounds the olf fashioned way, through diet and exercise! It was hard work, BUT it didn't feel like torture, it just started to feel good. It's true what they say, you really do get addicted to that runners high.

Unfortunately, in Dallas right now, there is a new frozen yogurt bar trend. There are probably 5 different yogurt bars in the downtown/uptown area, that my friends and I frequent, and when I say frequent, I truly mean it in the most literal sense of the word! For god's sakes, they have AVACADO flavored fro-yo, not to mention peanut butter flavor, new york cheese cake flavor, and the most evil of all, White Chocolate Macadamia! WHAT?!?!?!?! And thats not even getting started on the toppings, they have CHUNKS OF CHEESE CAKE, crushed girl scout cookies, CAPTAIN CRUNCH and fruity pebbles! There are of course sugar free options to be had with fresh fruit, BUT COME ON, CHEESE CAKE!!!!!

This and trying to stuff my face with as much mexican food as possible before I move to Canada are not helping me meet and maintain my fitness goals. I am glad where I am going they have neither of these things readily available. FWHEW!

Writer's Block: Confidence Booster
What do you wear to feel confident?
When I want to be taken seriously or feel like I am in charge of a situation, my go to garments are smartly striped neck ties, Black 3 button blazers, and Black double breasted pea coats, if I can work it all into the same outfit, all the better! That with a nice crisp collared button down shirt with rolled sleeves, a nice fitting pair of jeans and my signature black chuck taylors with mismathced laces for character. Oh, and my Andy Warhol messenger bag goes without saying! It has a print of neon pistols on it that sort of says, "hey! Back up off the lap top or the Barista gets it!"